Meet the Artist

In my inner soul art and life are inseparable. Eva Hesse

Hi. I'm Torre.

Meet the Artist

Because I believe the everyday moments are the most beautiful, these moments are what I capture. Lifestyle photography for me means putting natural moments on digital to tell the story of the family dynamic. My work is so much more than work to me; it is my art, and it’s personal and emotional.

I have extensive training as a photographer and artist.

Capturing moments of love between a mother and her child aren’t a hobby, but something I take very seriously. These magical moments that tell a story are fleeting, and I honor each moment by positioning myself to capture the right light and angle. I am intent on getting the shot right the first try because the emotion and dynamic captured in that exact moment is unique. I am available to travel to my clients because I want to capture them in an environment that makes them feel comfortable.

Getting photos back to my clients as soon as possible is a priority for me. I keep my prices reasonable because I believe in the importance of documenting the family story during everyday events and new normals like welcoming a baby into the family. I work with my clients to learn their unique style so their personality can shine through each image.

My Family

While I live and breathe photography, my first passion is my family.  Not only do they support me, they inspire me on a daily basis.  My husband is a fellow artist and currently works in the museum field.  


Not only is photography and art my passion, but it’s also a significant part of my background and career. I have a Bachelor’s of Fine Art with a concentration in Sculpture from the Kansas City Art Institute and a Master’s of Art in Art History and Criticism from Webster University.

I launched Two Sweet Peas Photography in February of 2015. Prior to that, I had been doing photography on a freelance basis for over 5 years.  I am also a practicing visual and graphic artist. 


  • Pitdorable Dog Rescue
  • Melissa Carlton State Farm
  • Meachum's Mutts Dog Rescue
  • 9Round -- Creve Coeur, Wildwood, and Chesterfield